Wednesday, 2 October 2013

iPhone Frustration

Stupidly I accepted an update to my iPhone 4 yesterday. This evening finds me getting madder and madder in attempting to restore it back to iOS 6.1.3 from the bloody god awful iOS 7. The one thing I always loved and found attractive about the Apple interface were the high res icon graphics. To me they represented style and quality, as opposed to Windows' workman-like icons. But now the new update has turned everything into a flat, garish, child-like affair... urgh! It almost reminds me of what Microsoft did with Windows 8 - they dumbed it down, made it harder to work with and produced a shitty looking interface/desktop.

If anyone else reading this is in ownership of an iPhone 4 that has yet to accept the upgrade to iOS 7 - DON'T! It's still a beta and it messes with your settings, functions and battery life. Stick with iOS 6, really, you'll be doing yourself a great favour by doing so.

Firkin' Apple 'designers'... pffft!

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