Friday, 20 May 2016

The Sunday Crew Kickstarter

© Copyright AmodeiVisual & The Sunday Crew 2016.
Like all great ideas there is a cost. And 'The Sunday Crew' is a great idea that costs, and for the actors, production team and everyone else involved, the cost has been high.

So this is where the fans get to help by showing their support via The Sunday Crew Kickstarter. This will help raise funds to enable these dedicated, ambitious and talented folks get this mini series up and running as it should, and with your help (and a bit of luck), get the attention of mainstream backers that will help to turn this mini series into a major series.

To get to the kickstarter site click > HERE < and show these guys'n'gals some real support and love. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely piece of promotional poster art below. Many thanks for reading :)

© Copyright AmodeiVisual & The Sunday Crew 2016.

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