Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Sunday Crew

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I'm all for new and exciting things that appear on tv, and it is with great hope that these dedicated and talented people get all the exposure they need to make it mainstream.

To what do I refer? It's a new web series about a criminal gang in Norway trying to make it big. Unfortunately, their personalities have a tendency to get them into trouble with both the law and the local underworld. And what are they called? Why, 'The Sunday Crew', of course.
I've been following these guys for a little while now, and I would liken their style as a cross between Lily Hammer (of Netflix fame), for its Scandinavian heritage and touches of humour, and to my mind, and small extent, reminiscent of one of my all-time favourite French cop dramas: 'Spiral' - for the gritty atmosphere that is sometimes present.

The music is also spot on and gives an added dimension to the 'street vibe' of the web series, using local musical talent, it reflects the diversity and cultural mix within the program's setting.

The characters, of which there are seven (so far), with the nicknames of: Cheese, Cream, Bom-Bom, Shorty and Hoover, are an eclectic mix that seems to work rather nicely, each 'street tag' is explained in the small character vignettes available to watch online.
There are several other central characters involved: Larsen, Tsar and his daughter Alexandra, and Tsar's right hand man, Martin.

I have, as yet, to pick a favourite character out of the bunch - sorry, Alex, no favouritism, buddy ;)

A synopsis to the series can be found by clicking HERE.

One of the characters, Hoover is played by a buddy of mine, Alexander de Senger. Total nice guy and committed to the success of 'The Sunday Crew'. He's dedicated so much to reach this point in his budding acting career, I can't but help admire and respect his determination and tenacity - no doubt mirrored in his fellow cast members - and can't begin to imagine the type of sacrifices it must take to have come this far to date.

So, as by way of showing my support, I'm hoping this post will generate some more fans and followers for this embryonic web series, 'The Sunday Crew'. So, if you like what you see, like them on FaceBook, subscribe to their YouTube channel and spread the word. Below is one of my favourite teasers. Enjoy :)

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