Sunday, 11 June 2017

My Dream Updated

Well, June has arrived and my dream has not. Reason? The new job I have has its start date set for September, so the funds I thought would be available for the bike in this month are simply not there.

In actual fact, this has given me time to sit back and look around at the current market place for the style of motorbike I desire, and I'm glad I did as I've found something different - in a way - that I've not set my sights on. It's another in-line four motorcycle made by Benelli, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer with 100 years of experience behind them. Another plus is price. The model I'm looking at is almost £4,000 less. Granted, its engine is 300cc smaller, but in fairness the Kawasaki is a rocket on wheels, and would most likely put me in a situation where my safety could be at risk.

So the new choice of bike is the Benelli BN 600i (shown below), but as to when I'll get it remains up in the air at the present time due to the lateness of the new job start date - riding a fast two wheeler in autumn with the winter soon to close in is not my idea of good biking weather. For me, to enjoy such a bike, I'm looking toward the drier, warmer months.Fair weather rider? Aye, I suppose so, but I'd like to live long enough to enjoy the bike beyond its run-in period ;)

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