Friday, 17 September 2021

Quick Training Session.

This is going to be a very short post - I'm working the late shift at work, which is a 1230hrs start and a 2100hrs finish. So a quick blast training session done, and here it is:

Warm Up:

5 x 10 push ups -> 10 Mountain Climbs -> 10 Body squats. (three exercises = one set)

3 x 20 Bent over rows with dumbbells - I use incline bench to rest chest so to isolate movement.
3 x 12 Superman - hold for a slow 12 count, rest for a 12 count.
3 x 20 Tricep kick-back (10 reps left, 10 reps right)
3 x 10 Farmer's Squats with Hammer curl (1 squat into hammer curl, repeat)
3 x 20 Lateral dumbbell raise.

Optional - Exercise Bike 30 minutes (fat burning).


So I leave you with Hooverphonic, and 'The Night Before'. Enjoy. Until next time.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Dragon Warriors, The Watermill.

Copyright © 2021 M.Kelly
Dragon Warriors is a fantasy role playing system dating back to the 1980s. It's the first system I've ever run consistently with a regular group of friends/players.

I took a rather long break from running a regular game session - it used to be every Sunday evening without fail, kicking off at 1800hrs, sometimes earlier, depending on the routines people had for the following Monday. We'd normally end a session around 2200 - 2300hrs, accordingly.

I have to say, those are some of the best memories I have of my life; friends gathered round my table, laughing, joking, sharing adventures together and forgetting the outside world for a while, as their alternate egos / characters, travelled over hills, through forests, villages and towns, exploring the dark, dank depths of a dungeon or crypt, daring to enter the larger, more densely populated cities, whilst seeking to earn fame and coin for deeds untold, some even heroic.

It's now a shit time with that WuFlu crap flying around, and I am once more running Dragon Warriors via the wonders of the interweeb (yes, I said 'interweeb'), all thanks to a platform known as Discord - a wonderful piece of software that allows you to set up voice channels, message boards, groups, video meetings, etc. It really is great. And free.

To down click on this LINK - available for both PC and Mac.

So my new group have just finished their thirteenth session together. Although during the summer it was difficult to get everyone's schedules in sync so we could all be available. I think we actually went almost two months without a group session? It sucked.

The group are on a story-driven campaign. The unfortunate thing about it is, they keep getting side-tracked by various elements and aspects of the game world and its inhabitants and minor stories and events. But, in typical DM fashion (for me, anyway), I sit back, slight smile on my face* and let it all unfold naturally.

*My players cannot see me via Discord, as I don't believe it's important for them to see my ugly mug, but more important to hear my voice. I think it helps to maintain a neutral aspect to the whole DM / Player relationship (plus they can't see me blush when I do a stupid voice for an NPC). This would be a different situation if sat around a table, obviously.

So far, I feel Discord has worked wonderfully, and only hearing my voice, players do have to concentrate that little bit extra in order not to miss any important clues, or intel.

The group's current situation is one I, as a DM and knowing what I do, wouldn't relish being in as a player character. Especially low level and rather new to the whole thing. When someone, or something the colour of stone, and I mean everything about them is the colour of stone, the last thing you should do is think about standing your ground and engage in combat with them.
I've done my best to drop hints, such as: battering down of a locked door by the sheer brute force of their hands - that they are emotionless, showing neither anger or fear - they are not charging, but walking slowly with purposeful intent, but biggest hint of all is hearing a voice issuing the command, "Kill them all, and return when it is complete!"

My character would be legging it as soon as those words registered within their brain. Not even looking back. I'd be out of there. But alas, this isn't the case. But the outcome won't be known until the next game session is played.

I do, however, have to give credit to the Warlock character, who was the only one to decide to stand their ground without hesitation in order to cast a spell in the hope of tackling this stone-grey, door-shattering, person-thing. The Mystic and Sorcerer have legged it, the young Barbarian has decided to stand with the Warlock, and the Elementalist has been placed on the far side of the river by a water sprite, out of danger.

Should be an interesting next session to DM, that's for sure.

I leave you with Vök and 'Waterfall'. Enjoy. Until next time.