Monday, 5 December 2016


Once upon a time, back in March of 2011 I thought I knew what I wanted from my blog, and started out on a journey of which I knew all directions. Then I stumbled upon a junction. A choice. Which way? I chose the undiscovered country road into writing.

Now don't misunderstand me, I was happy travelling my new path. Meeting new, interesting people, sharing thoughts, learning new things and getting involved in a whole new community. It simply fizzled with energy and possibilities - the potential for greater things cocked its finger and beckoned me on.

Now it's December of 2016 and I no longer walk the path. It saddens me greatly, for truth be told, I was happiest mixing with my new-found writerly friends and taking part in projects, exercises and fun distractions.

So what happened?

I lost my muse, my mojo and my direction. I left the path, and turned my back on my blog, teased away by the shadowy figure lurking by the roadside trees, otherwise known as distraction. I lost touch with new friends, of whom barely a handful kept in touch. Of the rest, like a man fallen overboard from a vast, great vessel mid ocean at night, I watched helplessly, treading water, as they carried on their merry journey oblivious to my absence. I resigned to my fate.

But of all, including the very few who have kept me company from time-to-time, there is one, only one, that has stayed and offered words of encouragement, taken time to read my tiny offerings and asked for nothing in return. She has been a point of light upon which I have focused and drawn inspiration and hope from. I am truly lucky to call her friend.

So this is for you, Elise Fallson, my one constant in my journey. Always there with a comment and encouraging word, an example of what friendship means: no expectations, no judgements, no conditions - a beautiful human being and talented writer. My friend. I present to you, more from Kate Bush. Enjoy  :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Relaxing Day

As the title suggests - relax today (if possible).

Here, I present for you - yet again - Billy May III's ambient/drone music, which he is offering his entire music library for free download until Obama's Presidential term ends.

Follow this LINK to take you to Billy Mays III's site to download his music for free - just select the music you want, enter $0, and away to go. I, personally, have supported Billy and his music for several years now and feel donating is a small price to ask for his beautiful creativity. And he's such a lovely guy as well.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Knights of the Dining Table

Copyright ©2016 M.Kelly.
Episode 1 ~ Perspectives.

  The inn of the First and Last sat nestled a cart's width away from the northern wall, home to the main gate that led all travellers in and out of the heart of Sellat.

  The Inn's sagging support beams gave it an air of a very tired giant, the muddy glass panels of its grubby windows glowed a warm, fiery light from within, pushing back the deepening darkness that settled across the city. The rattle of carts hurrying to the safety of warehouse, the cry of pedlars eager to sell the last of their wares and the lazy drift of woodsmoke from freshly lit hearths signaled the end of another cold day in Sellat's trade district, and the last hours of safety before the denizens of the night took to the streets and made them their own.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Last Time

Why can't I make time stand still?

The hopeless plea filled her mind as she placed a trembling hand upon his chest. Tear filled eyes looked to the life support machine by her husband's bedside. The mechanical hiss of the pump raised his chest then let it fall with an exaggerated click.

The intrusion of tubes and wires defiled the once strong, handsome man she'd fallen in love with twenty years ago in a life full of heady days exploring everything life had to offer and sharing secrets together.

His hands lay unmoving and limp. A life, a home, a family he had built with these hands. Hands that had tenderly held her through times of great sadness, lifted her when she needed it most, and caressed her when the moon and stars bathed their skin. Now her fingers urged his to respond.

"Are you ready?" the doctor's voice seemed distant and hollow.

Tears rolling, she nodded, clutching her husbands once strong hands.

The doctor flipped a switch and turned off the life support machine.

The nurses disconnected all the tubing and wires in silent reverence and quietly left the room. Only the doctor remained.

She raised her husband's limp hand to her lips and kissed it, then lowered her head onto his chest one last time and hugged him, tears flowing freely, "I'll see you soon, my love."

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Unity Adam Demo

A short video created using the Unity engine (used in the latest computer games) and showcases the engine's amazing capabilities and can be run at 1440p for those with monitors and graphic cards new enough to take advantage of this setting - but 1080p looks equally amazing ;)

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Game Cinematic Gold

I came across this cinematic for a new free-to-play online game, 'Asura Online'. I've looked at the game, and in all honesty, it's not one I'd bother with. But this cinematic is utterly brilliant. So if you enjoy a good bit of high fantasy CGI, sit back and enjoy the next 8 minutes on full HD. enjoy :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Multi-Award Winning Animation

Always one to share my enthusiasm for things newly discovered, today is no exception. Sit back and enjoy this fantastic animation short entitled, "The Looking Planet".

To see more fantastic animation shorts similar in quality and dazzling skill, click on the link HERE where you will be taken to the YouTube page of CGBros, and enjoy.  :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

WoW... Simply Gorgeous!

I saw this on YouTube and was blown away and mesmerized by it. Following on from my previous 'Warcraft' film review I felt this deserved a post all of its own. It is the cinematic trailer for the World of Warcraft's next expansion: Legion. I dare you not to be impressed. Once again, this is how the 'Warcraft' film SHOULD have been made. Enjoy ;)