Saturday 20 January 2024

New Finds in 2024.

 Every once in a while, whilst watching something on TV, a piece of music pops up, be it in an advert (not so much lately), or a film, or series, that makes your ears prick and your brains blurts, "Hang on! I like that! What is it?"

Well, I stumbled across a new Polish Police drama, titled FORST, the trailer for which I'll post below, as it'll save me blabbing on in a poor attempt to explain it. The trailer is in Polish, but click on the subtitles option. Trust me, dubbing just ruins it.

But in episode one, the main character Forst is in his caravan, and puts an LP onto his record player, and this smooth bass lines kicks in, followed by a chilled guitar line, and then the lead vocal. It is so sublime you can feel yourself mellowing out as the seconds pass.

Instantly my brain gives me a kick, and my ears are tuned in. The track is call "Apocalypse" and is performed by a band called: Cigarettes After Sex. So, for your listening pleasure, here is the track (on the strength of which, I've ordered the album on CD, as I like to play them in my car when driving). Enjoy.


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