Saturday, 1 November 2014

New home, new start

For the first time since the age of 32 I now have a place I finally consider a home, and unlike previous addresses, not just a house.
Copyright 2014 Mark Kelly
My books now line the book shelves after spending the best part of 18 years in boxes, and I also have a 'man cave' once more. But more importantly, I now have the proper tools by which to start afresh: one work, and one play - as shown below:

Copyright 2014 Mark Kelly
If any are wondering, the worktop my computers sit upon is exactly just that - a kitchen worktop bought at a DIY store and cut to length. So far this worktop has been with me in three houses, this now being the third (and hopefully) and final resting place. And it's bloody heavy, too!

The house is a 'work in progress', but it is great to have a place that gives you 'I'm home', feeling. So, with luck this will focus my mind, summon up my muse once more and start me off on my creative journey once again. Something I have sorely missed of late.

Do you have a special work/play area set aside? I think it's always interesting to see where people do their 'thing' and in what surroundings.

Discovering great music

Afternoon people. Hope you're having a restful weekend and recovering from any Halloween festivities you may have attended?

Whilst looking through YouTube during one of my 'being bored on crutches' days, I stumbled upon this Russian guitarist, Estas Tonne - admittedly, I thought I'd discovered Jesus busking in Europe, but no, just an amazingly talented guitar player.

So here, for your listening (and I suppose for some, viewing) pleasure is the brilliant Estas Tonnes playing a piece entitled: 'The Song of the Golden Dragon'.

I hope you enjoy the sheer brilliance and energy of both man and his music.