Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Weather Permitting

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TSR Games.
Odd, isn't it, how your player party is traversing a hot, humid jungle, or a cold, snow-drifting tundra, or the scorching desert in search for some long lost tomb, and yet not one character will have changed out of their flimsy robes, padded leather or full plate armour?

This, my friends, will not do.  Time for a weather report.

Admittedly the main thrust of my campaigns have taken place in temperate climes, so a drastic wardrobe change has never been facilitated by the player characters - most likely due to the easy going nature of yours truly, being such a nice guy and all that guff *insert smiley face here*.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Downed and Bleeding Out ... A thought.

Something nearly all of us have experienced (some more than others) as players is that horrible moment when any and all saving throws seem jinxed beyond belief, your armour turns to paper and all attacks have missed wildly ... and your character is down and their life blood is bleeding out into minus health.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Resurrection. A Help or Hindrance?

 ~ a short fantasy flash fiction ~

  The small band of adventurers gathered gingerly at the cave entrance, its jagged granite opening silvered by a full moon.  A gentle, sibilant hiss from the surrounding trees taunted the gathered party, as leaf-laden limbs swayed in the evening breeze as if urging them onwards into the gaping maw of the cave.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Births, Deaths & Marriages

If I have one big regret regarding my time running role playing sessions from day one, it would have to be my lack of insight into the importance of keeping records.  By this I refer to the keeping of all character sheets; who played what class, race, age and gender of character and if the character died, where, how and when - this latter aspect I started very late in my DM'ing.

On the other side of the histrionics of role playing there is also the matter of player character trysts, romances, births (in or out of wedlock) and on rare instances, marriages - admittedly, something I never had occur during my time as DM.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Alignment - Which side are you on?

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In days gone by, Dungeons & Dragons set in motion something that other rpgs - including MMOs - would copy/emulate and attempt to make their own, and that is 'ALIGNMENT '.
Love it, hate it, like it or feel 'meh' towards it, alignment is now as much entrenched within the concept of role playing as orcs, elves, dragons and outrageously big-breasted female warriors with skimpy bikini armour are.  Face facts, you can't play any role playing game without it ... or can you?