Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Relaxing Day

As the title suggests - relax today (if possible).

Here, I present for you - yet again - Billy May III's ambient/drone music, which he is offering his entire music library for free download until Obama's Presidential term ends.

Follow this LINK to take you to Billy Mays III's site to download his music for free - just select the music you want, enter $0, and away to go. I, personally, have supported Billy and his music for several years now and feel donating is a small price to ask for his beautiful creativity. And he's such a lovely guy as well.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Knights of the Dining Table

Copyright ©2016 M.Kelly.
Episode 1 ~ Perspectives.

  The inn of the First and Last sat nestled a cart's width away from the northern wall, home to the main gate that led all travellers in and out of the heart of Sellat.

  The Inn's sagging support beams gave it an air of a very tired giant, the muddy glass panels of its grubby windows glowed a warm, fiery light from within, pushing back the deepening darkness that settled across the city. The rattle of carts hurrying to the safety of warehouse, the cry of pedlars eager to sell the last of their wares and the lazy drift of woodsmoke from freshly lit hearths signaled the end of another cold day in Sellat's trade district, and the last hours of safety before the denizens of the night took to the streets and made them their own.