Friday, 17 November 2017

World of Warcraft - The Return

Out of sheer frustration and the lack of games available for an iMac computer I found myself installing World of Warcraft, being pleasantly surprised that it could, and would run on a Mac.

*Advisory Note: if anyone should tell you the Mac is a great gaming platform, you are covered by the laws of bullshittery to give them a good, hard slap. Very hard. Obviously they need waking up and bringing back into the real world.*

The last time I had properly logged into the WoW game must be at least 6 years or more?
Back then the server/realm or choice for me and my guildies was Darkmoon Faire. This was classed as a 'role playing' realm, where role play gamers could act out their wildest fantasies and not be mocked for doing so. That last bit didn't exactly hold true; there were some amazingly hilarious, funny, sad (in an embarrassing way) and on occasion, disturbing moments of 'role playing' being acted out - mainly in a locale outside of Stormwind known as Goldshire, or as some of us would refer to it as: 'Cybershire'. The rest I shall leave to your imaginations.

The dreaded Wetlands - Copyright M.Kelly 2017.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Vök - Chilled Beats

Vök is a dream-pop indie/electronica band formed in Reykjavik, Iceland back in 2013. Influence-wise they consider Portishead, Air and Massive Attack to be foremost.

So, for a chilled, laid-back tune, I present to you, 'Waterfall'. Enjoy, as I do  :)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Wednesday is upon us, and as it slowly shuffles its feet, glancing sidelong at us in the vain hope that no one has noticed it's preparing to do a runner and disappear into the night, we welcome the coming end of another working week. Sneaky Wednesday.

Anyway, as is my want, I'm posting to leave you with some more music, but moreover, a link to a site I find incredibly useful, entertaining and often educational. Curious? I can tell by the arch of your brow. Interested? I hope so. It is Stumbleupon, introduced to me a while back by a writer friend of mine, and it's been in my top 10 favourite websites ever since.

Click on HERE to visit the Stumbleupon main page if you wish to know more and become a member - which is free. We like free stuff. Really, we do.

Now for some music. Here is one of my favourite tracks, ' RUN ' by Awolnation - an American alternative rock band I discovered whilst trawling through YouTube. Absolutely love them. Click on the band name to visit their official website.

Enjoy the music video  :)