Friday, 19 January 2018

Infinite Third

Once more I am proud to present to you Billy Mays III's excellent musical voyage. His music is hard to define as it explores avenues, rhythms and concepts most of us have never heard or even considered before.
But if you like experimental, chilled, relaxed, drone electronica, then please, give this man a serious listen. Each album is unique in it's own right, and his progress to perfection is always moving forward, bringing something fresh and exciting, and often uplifting.

I cannot recall how I came to discover Billy Mays III, but it's been more or less from his early beginnings exploring drone music, when he would stream live via the web and you could sit back and chill watching him perform his pieces live. A great experience.

Click on this LINK and you will not be disappointed - it takes you to his site where you can listen to all his music for free, and even buy it, along with other things he's created. I so wish this guy great success.

Enjoy :)