Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Testing your Password

I was given this link by my good friend, fellow guildie and role playing group member,  Hana. The sheer brilliance of it is that it tells you instantly how strong or weak your passwords are by just entering them into the boxed window.

The site is called, 'How Secure Is My Password'. A simplistic site that allows you to type as many passwords as you like, and rates them on such things as length, complexity, use of symbols, and the such. Much to my horror, passwords I thought to be 'strong' were actually quite the opposite. I now use it regularly to test out new passwords, so I thought I'd share the love.

The best password to use is actually a short sentence including spaces and numbers - make it even harder, throw in some symbols and upper case letters. Enjoy.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Player Characters and their Familiars

©1999 Tony DiTerlizzi
Yesterday's events surrounding our 'missing' cat, Tilly, caused me to reflect on a topic that I was never quite happy about during my years as a DM (Dungeon Master).

The Familiar is a magically conjured companion for the magic users (sorcerer or wizard) within the Dungeons & Dragons - wiki's description of D&D - role playing game setting. It is normally one of the following (here I quote from the original Official AD&D Players Handbook v. 2010 by E. Gary Gygax - father of role playing as we know it.):

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gone Missing

Tilly in one of her favourite spots - the sofa.
Having returned from being away for several days I come home to a worrying and slightly upsetting fact that one of our cats, Tilly - our grey tabby - has been missing since Thursday 13th September, 2012.

Now if you had occasion to meet Tilly you would realise she isn't the type of cat to do a Houdini. She's a home loving missy, who loves her creature comforts, her food and especially her cuddles on the sofa during an evening's television time. My wife won't rest and is extremely upset, as Tilly was - is her cuddle-buddy next to Darcy our dog.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Internet Connection... Grrr!

Though not fantastic, and still ongoing, I do have a connection.

So, to soothe the soul, I am posting a song performed by the brilliant David Sylvian (his official website can be found here), formerly of the band 'Japan'. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and it inspires you to look up further performances by this great artiste.