Saturday, 1 November 2014

Discovering great music

Afternoon people. Hope you're having a restful weekend and recovering from any Halloween festivities you may have attended?

Whilst looking through YouTube during one of my 'being bored on crutches' days, I stumbled upon this Russian guitarist, Estas Tonne - admittedly, I thought I'd discovered Jesus busking in Europe, but no, just an amazingly talented guitar player.

So here, for your listening (and I suppose for some, viewing) pleasure is the brilliant Estas Tonnes playing a piece entitled: 'The Song of the Golden Dragon'.

I hope you enjoy the sheer brilliance and energy of both man and his music.


  1. All right, yes; this dude's pretty freaking fabulous!

    1. I have to agree - I never get tired of listening to this guy's music and bought one of his albums off iTunes, called, 'Internal Flight' - a whole hour and four minutes of non-stop fabulousness :)