Sunday 18 June 2023

To a Long Lost Friend - Belated Congratulations.

 Time moves so fast. So-much-so that we lose track of the important things in life, and before you know it, too late. Your time is done, and there is none left to say the things you feel matter. 

So as a very tenuous link, I'll just share my own personal thinking regarding friendships and relationships and the metric of time. My personal belief is every relationship has its own "shelf life", an allotted time span before it draws to an end. It could be measured in days, weeks, months or years. But all relationships, no matter what form they take, come to their natural end, one way or another.

Back to my "long, lost friend"...

We met in World of Warcraft many, many years ago, in Iron Forge to be precise. We formed a strong friendship borne of a love for the game, the people we ran with and the guilds we were part of.

Our gaming escapades spanned across the years and several games: World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and even Call of Duty, and others I've most likely forgotten.
There were many an evening game session of laughter and banter - one particular WoW session we encountered a random player running about and got talking to them. As sometimes happens the subject of age cropped up. Hana shared her age, then I shared mine. The guy's reaction was to type, "You're LOLD!", which made Hana laugh long and hard, all of which I could hear, as we were on voice together.
Personally, I didn't understand why it was so funny. Although it makes me smile now as I write about it.

I really enjoyed her mind and her thinking paradigms. She would often educate me on subjects and things going on in the world (both real and game) that elevated my own thought processes. And then there was music, film and fiction.

In fact, Hana was the first person to mention the rise of "entitled" people on the internet - looking back, it seems almost prophetic with how society and social media have evolved since then, and not for the better.

A while ago I'd heard, via a mutual friend, that Hana had got married. I was honestly pleased for her, but sat on it, not really having an avenue by which to pass on my congratulations, or not even knowing if they'd be welcome?

Time passes.

So here I am, taking a wild, wild punt, that maybe, one day, Hana might wander by and read this, seeing as she is familiar with my blog (as she was the driving force behind getting me to start blogging to begin with - so another thank you, there).

To that end I sincerely want to wish her my heart-felt congratulations (as belated as they are), and hope that life is being kind to her, and that she and her loved ones are all healthy, happy and enjoying life to the fullest.

And that's it. All that is left for me to do is leave you with a music track/video to enjoy.  I'm leaving you with a recent favourite of mine from Netflix's Cyberpunk series:  Edge Runners, based on the game Cyberpunk 2077. The track is "I Really Want to Stay at your House" by Rosa Walton and Hallie Coggins.
If you haven't watched the anime series, I highly recommend you do.

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