Sunday, 16 July 2017

Middle East & West - Like Oil & Water

One day there will be a moment when the penny drops for the leftist loons who bang on about 'Islamophobia' and support Sharia Law within the UK (and elsewhere outside of the Muslim world).

But, by way of helping to educate and open eyes, I'll let this video do the talking.

Monday, 10 July 2017

George Clooney: Hypocrite

George Clooney has now fallen into that category of Hollywood SJW snowflake libtards that I cannot stomach watching any more. Why? Because of their 'head-in-the-clouds-la-la-land' view on the world and its current events sweeping across its now-useless borders. To what am I referring? Unfettered, unregulated and devastating migration of predominantly fighting age males.

Let's make no mistake here - these are not refugees. They are economic migrants. I'll leave it there and let you watch the video, which for me, just epitomises the bullshit hypocrisy of Hollywood, and other so-called celebrity types who forget that they are not politicians, just disgustingly over-paid entitled people.