Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Pure gold for Writers

Now forgive me if any of you writers already know of the website I am going to present to you today, and for those of you for whom it is a new discovery, I urge you to USE IT!

It is a writer's goldmine of information, instructional videos, tips and great advice covering a plethora of topics and subject matter - everything you need, to be honest. In fact, makes me wonder why I'm sharing this with you guys'n'gals in the first place... it's mine! My preciousssss... we needssss it! Hatessss the Bagginsessss, we does!

Ahem. The lovley lady who runs this site is called K.M. Weiland, and again, I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of this lovely writer and/or already use her website, but for those of you who do not, trust me, she's a great person and so knowledgeable (especially for one so young) and talented, and very approachable if you wish to ask questions directly.

So, if you are an existing writer, or just nibbling at the pages of your epic writing journey, and have never been to this amazing website entitled: Helping Writers Become Authors, then click on that title and start browsing - and tell me I was wrong... I dare you ;)


ben268 said...

Thanks for the picture. That's solid advice that we all should know, but sometimes forget.

JoJo said...

Easy there, Smeagol. lol

Deborah Walker said...

Very cool, Mark. I like manifesto very much. It's easy to get bogged down sometimes. Write with joy, indeed.

Mark K said...

It's easy to read, feel inspired and think, 'Hell, yes!' - but when it comes to the actual writing aspect, I can't help but feel guilty for wanting to do something I consider to be so self-indulgent, when the upstairs doors need repainting, the patio requires de-weeding and Darcy, our dog, so often sits looking at me with puppy eyes that say, 'I need to pee... now - take me out!'

I love writing, but until I can do so without the guilt aspect, I'm not sure I can do it as freely as I'd wish.