Saturday, 9 November 2013

Today's Song - Inspiration for Writing

Sigur Rós ~ a band discovered through a friend some time ago, but initially I ignored, though for the life of me I don't know why?

I now own three of their albums, and this particular track Ára Bátur is a wonderfully beautiful piece of music that I find immensely soothing, calming, emotional, uplifting and inspiring all at the same time. An excellent piece to listen to if you are sat trying to write a rather emotionally charged scene - it works for me every time, especially when the piece concerns love and/or loss. I can never help but weep slightly towards the mid point of this song. It just pulls me in, opens up my heart and allows me to let go, without fail.

Soppy old fart, I know. But when it comes to writing I am a firm believer in choosing whatever medium inspires you most and sets the tonality of your writing perfectly. Sigur Rós help me to achieve this wonderfully; be it a love scene or a scene where you require majesty of setting charged with emotional perspective from a character; for me, they always deliver.

I'd be interested to hear from any writers listening to this piece as to their thoughts on the matter. Enjoy.

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