Saturday, 8 March 2014


I'm sorry for the dull stretch of silence that has befallen my blog, but in between searching for a new home, work, and various trips to the local hospital to visit my mother (she recently underwent a total knee replacement), I'm taking a breather during the calm before the storm that will be this year's A-Z Challenge.

Somehow I still think I've chosen the wrong topic? First I chose 'Games', then though, 'Nah!', and then I chose 'Writing', but now once more I'm thinking, 'Nah!'. Bollocks!


  1. Good luck settling on a theme for A-Z, I'll be sitting this one out this year. I'm having trouble blogging with any kind of regularity lately.... Anyway, have a good one and stay out of trouble. ;)

  2. Family comes first.

    I hope all works out for you to participate in the challenge.

    I look forward to sharing the A to Z Blogging Challenge with you.