Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: Day 1

A is for APATHY noun 
1. Lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern.

Well, I sit here staring at the screen thinking, 'I'm screwed. Yep. Definitely screwed.' even though I've got this far, that is, sat in front of the PC and typing on day 1 of the A-Z, I still think I'm screwed.

Apathy. Interesting concept. I agree with all of the above descriptors, and I lay blame (without a shred of guilt I might add) at the feet of my current 'job'. finishing at 2015hrs each evening is a real deal breaker when it comes to sitting down and pounding out something creative in any format after I've driven home, changed, washed, eaten and chilled.

But hey, I'm being a baby about this. I'm going to crack the proverbial whip and MAKE myself do this. I can't say it's going to be good. I won't promise that it will be inspiring. I don't hold out hope of it even being entertaining. But one thing I am hoping for is improvement. Look at it this way: we're at basement level right now--which is today--and the lift/elevator doors have just begun to close. Along the way I hope to reach every floor, all the way to the mighty (and hated) 'Z'. but be warned; I have no clue as to what horrors we might face on each of the coming floors.

So be prepared for ANYTHING... even zombies ;) - and if that doesn't keep you happy, then bugger off!

I merely jest.

When I signed up for this year I thought, 'great, games', then I reconsidered and imagined the dull, listless reactions I'd get from the non-gamers out there (which is pretty much ALL OF YOU! *heathens*), so I switched to 'writing'. Yay! No. No 'yay' involved at all, just my mind tutting at me and saying, ' Now that wasn't very smart of you, was it now? '. To that I reply with a single digit. but yes, I think it's going to be a deal-breaker.

So hang in there, join me on the lift/elevator ride into the hell I call my mind, and forgive any and all crap along the way - I've not been writing for a while you see.

Good luck to you all as we peer myopically towards that distant, foggy horizon called Z.

PS: bring your weapon of choice, there just might be the odd zombie or two... really.


  1. So if I read this correctly I get to kill Zombies? I'M IN!
    Just let me get my chainmaille to avoid any unnecessary bites.

    1. Hey, I would have thought the Doctor's immense scarf would be enough protection from bites if wrapped around the body enough times? But, chain mail is good too, less colourful though. Don't forget the jelly babies :)