Friday, 25 March 2016

A - Z Choice of topic for me

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Well, after much deliberation and mulling over of ideas and thoughts for what I can do for the A-Z Challenge for 2016, I have finally arrived at what I feel is something that will offer me a challenge, and hopefully, something entertaining for blog visitors.

A story, naturally alphabet themed - how the theme will work, I have yet to fathom?

I will write a short piece each day for the challenge. I have no idea what direction it will take, or for the moment, its subject matter or setting. Hopefully it will prove to be fun and interesting for both you and I. It might be funny (intentional or otherwise?), it might be topical, or fantastical. There might be romance, suspense... basically anything is possible. We shall just have to wait and see.

I feel the true test of this year's challenge is energy and focus (for me), as my current job has me getting up at 0530hrs on each working day and usually home by 1900hrs, sometimes 2030hrs. Factor into this trying to continue a semblance of normal daily life, i.e. keeping my physical routine of training going, decorating of the house (which seems never to end... sigh), and the usual gamut of day-to-day 'stuff' we all love and know.

Good luck all. May you be blessed with stamina and determination for this year's upcoming challenge. And for those who don't make it to the end. Don't sweat it. At some point or other, all of us hit an obstacle that stops us dead in our tracks. I should know - been there, done it. But at least you had the balls and guts to try it.

Adios my friends.  Until then, allow me to leave you with something quite amazing...

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