Monday, 6 February 2017

Majorly Knullet

Technology is fantastic. When it works. It is less so when it fucks up. And this is about one of those moments.

The scene: iPad has become chuggy in operation.
Solution: Save to iCloud and reset to factory settings.
Problem: Data and photographs vanished.
Reaction: Quietly fuming, steam trickling out of my ears. Urge to thrown device.
Reality: F-bomb the fuck out of the surrounding atmosphere.

As I write this my iPad is downloading from the iCloud. I now know why I will never, ever be a Mac convert. Ever. They are 'pretty', yes. They are functional, 'yes'. They are stupidly expensive, 'Hell yes!' And they make life overly complicated, 'Fuck, YES!'

Mac will never beat a PC.

The Mac products I own were never by choice, but the loving generosity of my good wife. I will admit, however, the iPad I own has become my favourite platform for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime and playing music, connected via a bluetooth speaker, whilst training.

I did try an Amazon Fire tablet, and whilst its screen was amazingly detailed, the amount of useless Amazon crap on it made it unbearable to use. So that went back.

But I have also amassed a small tome of writings in the shape of poems and shorts stories and ideas on an app called, 'The Writing Spot'. This app I acquired a couple of years back and has served me well. The only quirk about it was the app's refusal to sync when clicking on its built-in sync feature.
So, as a reluctant alternative I went into the settings where it has an email feature, but only sends one item at a time.


So this I did, sending each poem, short story and story idea to my gmail address.

I was now ready to reset my iPad. So, once complete I went to download the writing app only to discover it is no longer available. My F-Bomber is now being upgraded with a nuclear arsenal.
I log into my Gmail account. No. Fucking. Emails.


All that work lost. So now (hopefully) all the apps are being reloaded from the iCloud. Time will tell.

But as for my photos - they seem to have gone forever, and this was during an iCloud uploading session. As I said, Mac makes things overly complicated.

So I've included the new track by Elbow as I find it soothing to my soul. I hope you do too.

Smil. Livet er ikke så ille  :)

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