Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Blade Runner T-shirt Arrives

Excited! Excited! I really need to grow up - but not today.
Early this morning I heard the familiar flutter of the letterbox, followed by the unfamiliar flop of something soft landing on the hallway floor. Sleepily peering over the landing banister (finished work way past 11pm last night, not home till after midnight...ugh!) I spied an off-white A4 sized plastic post bag. T-shirt, me thinks.

I am correct. My order from the USA has arrived, and it is one of my blog buddy's, namely Jeremy Hawkins, designs in honour of one of my all time favourite films, ' Blade Runner '.

Inside was the t-shirt (obviously), a shipping manifest and two cards full of stickers. Obviously the company is all about supporting independent traders, such as Jeremy, and make it very clear they are grateful for your custom and support. I like that.

The personal touch is always good in my eyes.
It even comes with some funky stickers. Hmm... now what could I do with those? Resist... resist...

So glad I do not have kids - no doubt I'd find these stickers in the
most annoying of places... and stealing my fun in the process.

This was purchased from the NeatoShop where Jeremy's cool Ts can be ordered.

The t-shirt quality, I am glad to say, is good. The size I ordered is a large and fits me nicely - not too tight, but snug enough so I don't look like a kid wearing his father's clothing (or trying to hide a middle age spread). The design itself is excellent, but then, I expect nothing less from Jeremy as he's a very talented designer and art worker - he makes me so jealous sometimes ;)

You'd never guess how I got this to stick to the ceiling.
So, in conclusion, I am very happy indeed with my purchase from the NeatoShop, and if my wandering eye locks onto another cool design, who knows, I may well be ordering again.

Well done Jeremy, kudos to you my friend :)


Elise Fallson said...

Jeremy has some amazing t-shirt designs, he's very talented indeed. The t-shirt looks good, but can you believe I've never seen Blade Runner? I know, I'm so lame. I'll try to fix that soon. (:

Mark K said...

Oh no!, But, oh yes! If you want some advice, go for the original version with Deckard's narration throughout the film, it's so reminiscent of the old Bogart 'Sam Spade ' films - I love it to bits.


Now I'm just jealous! That, and the Dalek shirt are my faves!

Mark K said...

Ain't it great :D

Jeremy [Retro] said...

that is the coolest post ever, for a few reasons... obvious first... that is me. i love this one, i haven't got myself one yet... neatorama is a top notch place that cares about it's customers... second it looks great and the shirts are good... and third, it's me... again and the list goes on, but you get the idea i think... would you mind if i share this...

Mark K said...

Go ahead, knock yourself out. I did have a pic with me wearing the T, but later removed it - I just felt 'odd' having a pic of me here. But the T does look cool :)