Saturday, 12 October 2013

Quieter Than Usual

People of the blogoverse, friends, pets and disguised aliens from another solar system, I may appear to be quieter than normal over the next few weeks (or more, depending). It's due to the fact we are now--as of today--starting the process of moving home.

Our house is now officially 'sold', and the big move into storage begins in earnest this very day (urgh)! So creature comforts, like the internet for example, will be off limits to me for a wee while. I just hope not too many of you take this opportunity to jump ship, and I look forward to getting back online as quick as is humanly possible--internet service providers not withstanding.

Until then, be safe, be happy and WRITE/POST LOTS!  :)


Deborah Walker said...

Hope it all goes smoothly, Mark. I shall be moving myself, by and by.

Elise Fallson said...

Good luck with the move! I've done my share of moving in the past and remember the hassle with little fondness. Hope everything goes well and that you and your family settle nicely into your new home. (:


Good luck.See you when you get back!