Monday, 23 December 2013

Bastion - A Proper Story (Today's Song)

For those of you for whom gaming is a bit of a grey area or that 'thing' that nerdy types do, allow me to introduce you to Bastion - a game released in 2010 on both PC and XBox. A fantasy-themed, isometric platform styled game, with a hand-painted, colourful look and brilliant soundtrack, this game has its own cult fan base amongst players.

The Bastion link will take you to the Wikipedia page where you can find a wealth of information regarding this cult game. For your listening pleasure I have included a track entitled, 'A Proper Story' from the game. How to describe this music? Hmmm... cited as being along the lines of American frontier music, and that of 'acoustic frontier trip hop' - not that I know what that is, or even if it exists.

Enjoy :)

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