Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Today's Song

For all you cat lovers out there, here is a tune by PIXL from the EP Astrocat, entitled ' Monster Cat ' - maybe a bit too 'club mix' for some of you with more delicate ears and tastes in music, but pour moi, c'est parfaire.

Prendre plaisir, mes amis :)


  1. Mark, sorry I have been stuck in the matrix the last month or so... hope all is "SWELL", yes I am bringing that word back! The song is moving and head bobbing.

  2. Head bobbing, body jigging and foot tapping for sure - not to everyone's taste, I know, but throwing something new into the mix is always fun and healthy I feel.

    As for swell... hmmm, I'd have to say 'no', for further info read the post before this one to find out why.

    Thanks for stopping by my friend :)