Sunday, 19 January 2014

Film Promotion ~ ' Frenchy's World '

Copyright © Alexander De Senger 2014

Every now and then there comes along someone in your life for whom you can't help but have admiration for their grit and determination. Alexander De Senger is, for me, one such person.

Through the medium of Skype I've grown to like Alex's personality and zest for life. From our gaming days together I've found his approach to life is quite driven, yet tempered with a 'come what may' attitude. And he has a great sense of humour and warmth about him. So when he shared news about his getting involved with some Norwegian independent film makers and scriptwriters I was genuinely thrilled and excited for Alex, having done some TV work as an extra myself, I know how fun and exciting it can be, and if you network with the right people, it can become more than a mere temp thing. And this is what seems to have happened with Alex.

I've watched Alex's budding acting career with interest, and to be honest, I think he has got some true potential and talent. So, before I move you on to Alex's debut in this future mini-series concerning an up-and-coming small town gangster, I'll leave you with a synopsis in Alex's own words.

Thank you for reading (and watching) and please, spread the word about this indie production by 2 Apor Production Company - they really, REALLY need as much exposure and support as possible.

Over to Alex:

" The story evolves around Frenchy, a small-time gangster in a small Norwegian town. His guardian, 'The Greek', took Frenchy away from Marsielles when he was a kid, moving to Norway. The Greek is a 'retired' old-school gangster with connections to various syndicates. As a retirement bonus the Greek was allowed to settle down in Norway and run a small town.

When Greek found Frenchy the kid was in bad shape, living rough and homeless in Marseilles, but he impressed Greek with his toughness - the main reason Greek took him under his wing. Frenchy's mother had been killed under mysterious circumstances, something which has always haunted him, leaving him with a deep-rooted urge to find those responsible.

There are several other characters involved: Linda, the girl Frenchy loves but doesn't get - she reminds him of his mother and the purer side of life. His step-sister Liz, the daughter of Greek, and there are also various other members form different street gangs.

The story shows the day-to-day activities to get money for the gang, including collecting from other gangs. Frenchy has a tendency to mess things up, and they always seem to go wrong - some of the activities do have a comical feel about them.

It's basically a gangster comedy with some drama where you get to see the darker sides of Frenchy, and the pain his mother's death has left him with. "

Frenchy's World Intro... enjoy.


  1. That's excellent. I think the background music really enhanced the images. And the lighting was superb.