Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Truth About 1Direction's Singing Ability

This really got me chuckling, and I like to believe this is what they sound like without auto tune.

As a side note to any 1D fans reading this (though, to be honest I doubt any will, as I'm almost certain none of them are either intelligent enough to read or are of reading age) - stop feeding the Simon Cowell money machine - get therapy instead.


  1. aaaahhhhhhh, wow, just wow! helk i sing better than that, if i only had my youth.

    1. In their defence, this is a send up, with other peoples' voices dubbed over 1Ds' actual voices, but these guys get my back up so intensely that it seemed a perfect post to share :)

  2. true... i sound more like c3p0... i swear like r2d2.... wow my response is so silly...