Friday, 1 May 2015

A-Z Retrospective

Copyright ©2015 Mark Kelly.

It's done. Dusted. Over. So relax, only twelve months now till the next A-Z, but let's get Christmas out the way first, eh?

And so another A-Z bites the dust. In all honesty, for some reason this year didn't bleed me dry of mental resources as did my first ever A-Z. Maybe it is because I was focused on creating my own scribble alphabet for each posting? Whatever it was I enjoyed it.

A big 'thank you' to my good friend Jeremy Hawkins for popping by almost every day (like a concerned relative visiting his senile, old uncle *laughing here*) - I'm sure he was just making sure I wasn't feeling too lonely. It can be disheartening when folks don't visit during the A-Z, but I'm a big boy now, so it didn't hurt (that much... *sob!).

I'm proud to present a collage of all my A-Z letters in one. I wished I could of added more vibrancy of colour, but hey, that's something I can work on for future projects :)

Copyright ©2015 Mark Kelly.

So what did I gain from this year's A-Z? It reacquainted me with my blog and reminded me why I like/love blogging, plus it got me scribbling again with designing the alphabet. I suppose in many ways my posts were a bit retrospective, and possibly therapeutic on some levels. It certainly filled me with warmth at times, whilst others put a smile on my face, at some I shed a tear or two and on the odd occasion one or two made me feel sad. But that's what a journey is all about, and that's what the A-Z is about: a journey. As to the type of journey one undertakes? Well, that's an individual thing.

My non-topical choice of A-Z is a lazy choice I shall admit, but I just love the freedom of thought and freedom of choice on subject matter. Variety is the spice of life, so it is said, and I'm all for variety when it comes to being creative - be it writing, sketching, designing or simply mulling over life's curiosities and the path down which we tread.

I know some might think, 'Oh no, not another music video!', but hey, music is the language of life and what I may have failed to say with words I hope my choice of music spoke in my stead. Although, translation is purely down to the individual, but like all art forms, therein lies the beauty: the ability to allow the viewer/listener to embrace and make it their own and in part, identify and empathise with the one doing the sharing.

So if any of my A-Z has brought you to a place of happiness, or a feeling once thought forgotten, or let slip a memory of a time that lifts you up, then my A-Z has been a success and my challenge worthwhile and met.

Until next year...


  1. Hey, I am digging that grouping of letters, you did a nice job. I wasn't checking in like an uncle if I was... it's because of your awesome posts. More people should stop by, if they didn't well shame on them. I enjoyed it, the challenge I find can go sour towards the end and I find that I will gravitate to the sites I follow and the friends I make during the challenge.

    Gosh Darnit... we made it and Uncle J says "Where is my pudding?" lol

    Jeremy [Retro]

    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

    1. There are so many folks participating now that it is a mammoth task to visit them all.
      Sad to see so many bloggers I started out with now gone. I think when I started this blog it was at a point where everyone wanted to be a blogger.

      As for pudding - sorry, it's in the dog.

  2. I can see the future of blogging... it's a rough place so many out there and instead of blogging for the person. People are looking for that angle to sell it, I mean I would love to have one of my videos or posts go viral... I am not above selling out. Our messages or for those who find us interesting, funny or intriguing... someday I might return to zombies.

    I am going to follow that dog around, me wants my pudding... lol