Sunday, 3 May 2015

Google+ Yes or No?

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Some time back I tried using Google+ and found it to be a rather 'hit and miss' experience, plus it seemed to attract an awful lot of unwanted 'friends' trying to link to me or link me to them.

Now time has passed and I see more and more bloggers using Google+ I just wanted to find out your experiences of using it and what you've gained from it (assuming Google + is still being used by you), and if you would recommend it now?

I'm looking forward to reading your input.


  1. I use it, but like Twitter... it makes no sense. My numbers do jump on my sites when I use them, more people see my google+ page than my blogs.

  2. I suppose for those, like yourself, Jeremy, whom have a business aspect to their blogs, etc, it makes sense to reach out and get as wide an audience as possible. But for me, nah, I'll leave well alone.