Thursday, 10 June 2021

Late Night Funk & Soul

Song for Today.

It's 0120hrs and I can't sleep, and it's all due to my own stupid fault. I broke my own decision not to eat too late, and now I sit here, stomach not feeling all that clever aided by a touch of heartburn.

Combine that with a decision to 'lay down' in order to aid my complaining stomach before 2200hrs and consequently falling asleep. I then wake, and the bedroom has that pre-dawn lightness to it, so I get up, visit the bathroom, stomach still feeling drum-like, only to discover the time is just after midnight!?

I look outside and the sky is covered in cloud that is reflecting, seemingly, every light source around. I exit to the garden where it is very lightly drizzling, but so lovely and cool. Still, everything is oddly bright, so-much-so that you could read by it.

Stepping back inside, sleep now having fled, I find myself listening to Spotify and 'Funk & Soul' Classics, and one track in particular, Dusty Springfield and 'Son of a Preacher Man', which not only makes me think of a cool summer evening, but back to a time when I last really sat and listened to it: 1992 driving down to Cornwall for my honeymoon. Seems like another lifetime ago.

This was written in September 1968, by American songwriters John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins, recorded by Dusty Springfield for her album, 'Dusty in Memphis'. All when I was four years old.

Sit back and enjoy, especially if it's a cool summer evening, a gentle breeze is working its magic and your favourite drink is to hand, helping you to relax. And now sleep is whispering in my ear. 

Until next time.

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