Tuesday, 26 April 2011

An Acknowledgement and Thanks ...

Something I should have done at the very beginning of this blog, and it has been very remiss of me, I admit, is to say a big 'thank you' to all those players that have sat round the table with me.  I am aware that most likely 90% will never get to read this, but I feel strongly enough to do it.
A DM without players is just a person reading a book.

Undoubtedly there are names I cannot for the life of me recall, but to be honest, I am the type of person who can be introduced to someone and within 10 seconds already have forgotten their name... many insist it's age related dementia (bastards!).

So, this is for you, the people who breathed life into my games, created wonderfully colourful, humorous, valiant and (sometimes) sneaky, back-stabbing characters.  Those moments of sheer excitement, nervous dungeon delves and nail-biting skirmishes will stay with me forever.  For this, and the pleasure of knowing you as individuals and the camaraderie in game and out, I thank you.

Without further ado I shall start in order of joining (roughly):

Neil 'Cat' . M
Steven . R
Andy 'Doc' . K
Wayne 'Death'n'Stuff' . A
Lee . D
Jayne . W
Sue . D
Trevor . D
Vanessa . K
Andy . N
Martyn . L
Luke . H
Rob . N
Russ . N
Mark . C
Paula . B

This list spans across the following game systems: 
Dragon Warriors - AD&D (Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms) -  Warhammer FRPG - Shadowrun - Traveller.

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