Monday, 4 April 2011

It's not all about space, you know!

For those of you kind enough to follow this sapling of a blog, I just wish to inform you that this will not be entirely about science fiction based rpgs. Far from it.  The fact is, the scfi-fi aspect of my rp experience most likely accounts for 20 - 25% of it, if that.  So there is a lot of fantasy rp tales of daring-do and fumbling to come.

The main reason I started out with a sci-fi bent in terms of gaming was mainly down to the fact that as a kid, yes, ok, as a SMALLER kid, I was an ardent watcher of the original Start Trek and Dr. Who (no, not the modern garbage they produce now).  I can see it now, my favourite Dr. Who monsters were the Daleks and their sidekicks, the Ogrons.

The combination of these together both terrified me and thrilled me.  The poor U.N.I.T. soldiers never stood a chance against these brutes and the evil of their Dalek masters.

The new series of Dr. Who then decided the Daleks needed a make-over and updated them to a more modern looking aesthetic, which wasn't all that bad, to be honest, as you can see in the picture below.

Now this was, I have to admit, a slight improvement without going over the top, yet still keeping the majority of their evil, mechanical essence.   Below, in yellow, is the very latest incarnation of the Dalek, and I think it's awful.  Looks like the product of an illicit relationship between a Dalek and an Austin Allegro (ugly UK car) ... oh, the shame!

So, do not fret, I shall be wending my way to the vault of fantasy tales both epic and abysmal, along with illustrations, photos of miniatures, and plus artwork from various systems and artists that have inspired me and fuelled my evil imagination to the dismay of many a player, or two ...

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