Monday, 5 March 2012


 I love an underdog, and I'll always bat for their corner, so-to-speak. So today's Blog Spot is not so much of an underdog, more like a fledgling blog in need of some support and encouragement.

The guy who runs it, Zavi, hails from Florida, USA and is full of ideas and enthusiasm for his chosen system of role play: Castles & Crusades . His blog site burst into life in February 2012, and so far, along with myself there are two others following it. His blog is called, Randemise and is well worth a look for Zavi's ideas, thoughts and creativity on his chosen rpg system.
Plus, I think it's important for the blogging community to support new blog sites such as this in order to add flavour and energy into the mix.

Thanks for reading this, and in advance, thanks for taking a look at Zavi's site :)


Amanda Heitler said...

Good pick :)

Thank you for pointing this out.

Mark. K. aka - EvilDM said...

Thank you, Amanda ;)