Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Dream Speaker Set Up for the Audiophile

After my last posts regarding the environment and general tone of 'doom and gloom' (no, I'm not trivialising) I've decided to look at something completely different in terms of geek tech, namely the high, high end (and possibly higher?) of audio excellence in speaker performance and technology.

The first set are Avantgarde NANO Horn Speaker System and weigh in at an astounding $16,500 a pair, but watch the video and listen to the sound they produce, beautifully crisp and clear, not to mention loud. Imagine these trumpets linked to your home cinema surround sound system.

The track playing is by a gentleman named Tatsuro Yamashita, and I've tried to find this particular tune on iTunes, Amazon, etc, but to no avail - sorry :(

The second speaker set are the beasts you can see in the background of the first video, which are the RM-7V. The entire set up is monstrous, both in physical terms and its price tag of $121,695 for the complete set up delivered to your door. All you need do then is buy the house to fit the speakers. But these are absolutely stunning in their sound. I hope all you geeky audiophiles are enjoying these snippets as much as I did upon discovering them.
Both videos were filmed in the Rey Audio store premises in Japan - sorry, but no reliable links for this.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

climb inside and listen to score music... the question is where to start.

Mark K said...

Has to be either 'Blade Runner' or 'Aliens'