Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I Quit Sugar... stupidly
ARRGGGHHHH! Why, oh why did I agree to this torture?

Women are sneaky and calculating. Of this I am now certain. During one of my good, confident moods several weeks back, my wife casually slips into the conversation about giving up sugar together. But it's not all sugars, she hastens to add. Only fructose.

Yeah, why not. Is my reply. Fool. FOOL!

It's only our first week, and I now see the error of my ways: listening to my wife. I'm a chocoholic. One hundred percent. I admit to it freely and openly. But for the first four weeks there can be NO sugar in any form. WHATSOEVER!

As I write this I am staring into a cold bowl of quinoa, kous kous, full fat greek yogurt and grated coconut with walnuts. Where's the drizzle of honey? Please! I even had a dream last night that I was putting sugar in a cup of tea I was about to drink - I GAVE UP TEA OVER 20 YEARS AGO!

Last night I was about to apply Soy Sauce onto my meal, but had to stop and check the sugar content: 82g... ARGH! Suddenly the world is bursting with food items I must no longer indulge. I hear sticking pins into your eyes contains zero sugar. I might give that a go.

I shall keep you posted... would it count if I licked a biscuit, I wonder?


  1. I hate the good stuff in the foods too... good luck!

  2. Pins in your eyes, hahahahah. Very funny.

  3. Stopped in to see how the sugar rehab is going?

    1. Hey there THW!

      Apologies for not updating as such - been busy with the house and work plus visits to my surgeon.

      Quitting sugar has been easier than I expected, withthe odd craving here and there, but I've not given in. I feel less bloated within myself, my taste buds have 'evolved' allowing me to taste food I previously considered as bland. The power sugar has over your sense of taste is shocking.

      I can, however, report that eating a square of 89% pur dark chocolate (yes, we are allowed to eat that due to its purity) does now taste richer and sweeter, whereas previously it was nothing but a dry-bitterness I found unpleasant.

      Oh yes, discovered one amazing thing: Apple Cider Vinegar - I've suffered with chronic heartburn over the last 12 months, made my life miserable regardless of what I've taken, prescribed or otherwise. Two tea spoons of Organic, cold pressed Apple Cider Vinegar in 500ml of water sipped throught the day and after 3 weeks no heartburn. Sheer bliss!

      I urge you to read up on Apple Cider Vinegar - it can be used for a plethora of beneficial things, very much like organic cold pressed coconut oil. :)