Friday, 9 January 2015

Saturday's Game

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Out of the six players due to turn up, only five made it. I had one last minute cancellation - no surprises there.

But, from that five, we had a full evening of belly laughs and fun.

Typically things started off in a tavern. Big mistake. It wasn't long before there were arm wrestling matches, drinking contests and a tiny bit of brawling.
I won't bore you with a complete breakdown of the evening, but suffice to say, we wrapped things up at around 0100am - and to be honest, we were all either looking bleary eyed or feeling that way.

The following day was interesting as I had emails and texts asking the same thing: 'are you going to set up a regualr game session?'

My answer: maybe. Funny, how a 'simple' gathering of friends once used to be a blasé affair, but now, as responsible adults, takes major planning and logistics weeks in advance. And here was I thinking life would get less complicated as we got older? No bigger fool than an old fool, eh? ;o)

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