Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year, New Game

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It's been on the cards for a very long time now. One of those events you and old friends always reminisce about and ends with, 'We really must organise another session with the guys.' Suggestions about who should call, email or text the others bounce back and forth, and that's where it gets left. Dangling in the air like a pair of old shoes on telegraph wire. And so it goes. Time passes and nothing happens.

But now, I changed all that. Galvanised into action emals and texts flew out to five individuals. My thought process went along the lines of, 'If I get three confirmations, plus my wife, that will give me four players at the table.' The chances of everyone being able to make it and turn up are always iffy.

And wouldn't you know it - I now have six players attending. Just like bloody buses! I merely jest - I'm thrilled that my old rpg players are coming together for Saturday's (3rd January) game. Some haven't seen each other for over 10 years. It's going to be a blast, not to mention a huge challenge for me as the DM (dungeon master) to keep them all in line and focused. The last time I DM'd was probably two years ago? But that was with two novice players, so things were easy enough to keep rolling forward. Any rp players out there reading this will know that when you get 'old timers' together for a one-off reunion-style session, the challenge for a DM is to make sure they don't spend all night catching up on real life events.

Still going to be a blast getting the 'old guard' back together once more, so I think I'll give the first hour to get over the reunion side of things before I start cracking the proverbial whip.

Thankfully I've kept all the old character sheets, so rolling new characters will not be an issue, plus for them it will be like putting on an old, favourite pair of shoes. Again, makes my life easier and the game flow faster (hopefully).
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One of my players will be my nephew, who is now 28. He'll be given his old character he played last when he was 12. It'll be interesting to see how he plays his former cloak-stealing/collecting barbarian?

As for the theme of the game itself? I'll be using old school D&D lite (for pure ease and speed of play). Though what my players don't know is that I'll be throwing them into Cthulu hell and see how they cope. As I said, it will be an amazingly funny and fun time.

Copyright ©2015 Mark Kelly
So many times I've read other bloggers posting about their group rp sessions and have felt envious, and a little sad, that I was no longer running my own group. As I write this during a break from my mapping and NPC (non-player character) creation and story plot for tomorrow, it feels as if the clock has been turned back, and I can feel the cobwebs falling away from the doorway of my imagination.

For a day, I will be back with the people with whom I have travelled, fought alongside - and fought against - laughed with and shared some spine tingling moments. For that day I shall be a very happy man.

And to close here is a fitting tune I think some of you might enjoy :)

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