Thursday, 27 May 2021

Happy Decahedron, Blog.

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I'm feeling bad. The kind of bad you feel when having missed an important milestone in someone's life, .ie. a twenty-first birthday, anniversary, engagement - you get my drift.

I've neglected to acknowledge the milestone of my beloved blog, which turned ten years old back in March of this year. What kind of a 'parent' does that make me? No need to send answers on a postcard (chuckling here, as some younger readers might well be thinking, 'What's a postcard?'), but I'll tell you - no, not what a 'postcard' is, Google that. But what it does make me is a very bad 'blog parent'.

To try and make amends for this terrible faux pax, I hereby officially wish my blog a very (belated) Happy 10th Birthday, and may more follow - depending on which one of us packs in first.

So to my dear blog, I'd just like to say, thank you. Thank you for everything you've shown me, taught me and brought to me. For without you my life journey would have been far poorer, and I would never have met so many amazing and interesting people along the way as I travelled the Blogoverse with you.

Ten years older, but no less brighter. You still inspire me in ways that continue to surprise me. Our readers may be few, if at all, but at least we have each other. Here's to the next ten together (with luck).

Now some music, me thinks, courtesy of Roxy Music, and 'Dance Away'.

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