Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Back for Business

Time to get back on the proverbial horse that is blogging. Now A-Z is over I'm just wondering what to post and how frequently? But I digress, and as a celebration of a fresh start I present to you a music video on a brilliant guitarist I stumbled across on YouTube.

The guitarist's name is Antoine Dufour and his music can also be found on Candyrat Records


Mina Lobo said...

That's some real purty guitaring, as my Kid would say. (OK, he wouldn't say "purty" but then, he ain't as kewl as I.) ;-)

Some Dark Romantic

Elise Fallson said...

Very nice. Watching his hands is mesmerizing.

Mark K said...

Well, glad you liked it - I was amazed by the fact he was playing off the fret board alone. As for it being 'purty', I'd normally say 'purdy' - what a difference a few thousand miles makes, eh? ;)

Mark K said...

Mesmerising is putting it mildly for me - I was blown away. Such an amazing tune that sounds like more than one instrument playing. I used to take classical guitar lessons and I struggled with getting my fingers to do the basic notes, so seeing what this guy does leaves me gob-smacked - but I like :)

Nice to see you here once more :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

Good to see you back online, Mark. I hope you had a good break.

This guy is amazing. I cannot figure out how he is doing a lot of it...it does sound like more than one instrument, you're right.

Elizabeth Twist: Writer, Plague Enthusiast

Mark K said...

YAY! Aunty Liz! Ok, apologies for that lack of respect there, Elizabeth :) Nice to be back, just wondering what the future now holds?