Friday, 11 May 2012

Writing Competition

Not so long ago, maybe a month back, I entered a local writing competition. The criteria was any genre and to submit an opening chapter of no more than 750 words maximum. Delighted that there was something local for me to test out my writing upon I trotted home, fired up the pc and trawled through what I considered to be suitable material. I ended up opting for the intro to 'The Iron Door'.

So, with a bit of editing, a touch of re-writing, much head scratching and muttering to myself, I finally sat back happy that it was in as best a state for entry as I could determine, plus I got it in at 749 words. Result.

Printed out, double-spaced, all my details top of the first page, paper-clipped and placed inside a nice large brown envelope, I jumped into my car and tootled down to the town of Cowbridge, a place of historical interest and much snobbery (the bastards don't even thank you when you stop to let them cross the road, let alone give you eye contact... grrr!).

Closing date zooming closer and closer (12th May), I decided to email the organiser--yes, I couldn't wait, I HAD to know!

And here is the reply email I received:

Dear Mark,
Thank you for your email. You did not win one of the prizes in the Creative Writing Competition, but you did score highly with the four judges on the panel. We had a really good response to the Competition and the standard of writing was excellent. It was difficult to select the winners.
The results will be published in the GEM in two weeks time and on the Cowbridge Book Festival Web Site. You can check out the winners in both sources shortly.
Thank you for entering and congratulations on your stimulating introductory chapter. Good Luck with any future writing.
Best Wishes,

So no prizes for the first attempt. Now I'm damned curious as to what did place first, second and third? Well, I suppose there is always next year... ;)


Wayne Assiratti said...

Hmm. Unlucky Mark. I'll be sure to check out the Gem and the website to critique the winners! Also, how do I link up all the posts I have been using for writing? I have noticed you have have clever box...

JoJo said...

Sorry you didn't win but you scored high so that's something right?

Deborah Walker said...

That's encouraging, Mark. You'll have to check out the winning entries, with a view to next year.

Mark K said...

Yes, I intend to find out where they live and break their arms... *cough*

Just joking, honestly... I'd rather steal their writing implements :)

Mark K said...

Thanks, JoJo. But the sceptical in me thinks that may just be a crock to placate me... but I'm generally a suspicious type naturally ;)

The Armchair Squid said...

Sorry you didn't win. Thank you for sharing the Calvin & Hobbes strip.

Nikki said...

Sorry you didn't win but it's nice practice! I want to do a writing competition! Have you found any more? You should keep trying :)

It's funny what you said about letting people cross the street. I always wave and smile at the driver if they let me cross. Apparently they don't do that in Norway. I had been doing it for a few weeks before a friend stopped and said ''what are you doing? Do you really know all these people?!". I can't not do it though, it's like a weird reflex reaction!

Mark K said...


Manners cost nothing and it pus people in a better frame of mind I think. Obviously, like me, you've been brought up with good manners and respect for others :)

Mina Lobo said...

That's pretty warm and fuzzy, as far as rejections go (and I've received a number of them). Well done, you, for throwing your hat in the ring, and better luck next time!

Some Dark Romantic

Mark K said...

Why did they end it? I miss Calvin & Hobbs... so sad :(