Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A to Z Visual Reflection

- My A to Z Journey in the Images I Used - 

I thought I'd make a collage using all the images incorporated in my A - Z posts. I love the images pooled together and how it makes the eye dart about. Not sure if I imagined it or not, but I could swear I saw someone's blog advertising a photographic challenge for the month of May? Either way, I'm too late for that, but that would have been fun to do.

... although, I could have sworn there were more?


JoJo said...

Inspire Nordic had the May daily photo list on her blog. I am doing it for Project 365.

Mark K said...

Project 365? You're doing it for a whole year? And yes, I stumbled across it on Nikki's site, thanks :) I'll be mooching over to yours to have a nose ;)

Mina Lobo said...

Hey, that's pretty nifty! How'd you make the collage?

Some Dark Romantic

Mark K said...

Photoshop and a lot of patience ;

Elise Fallson said...

Nice. I did something like this for one of my posts during A-Z, it was a collage of Katydids because I didn't know what else to do for the letter K! Though, mine was a lot simpler and not as well adjusted as yours.

Nikki said...

That was my blog with the photo challenge! You can still take part. I started quite a few days late and just caught up :) I'm still behind with it but I'm pretending I'm not so it's fine! It's kind of fun :) My friend Hildi ( is doing it too, she's written some nice posts to go with the pictures. It's kind of nice to have a blogging prompt again!

This picture is so cool! I want to make one too!