Thursday, 8 August 2013

Artist: Tyler Jacobson

This particular gentleman is a great D&D illustrator, bringing the classic character classes to life and bringing a gritty, yet vibrant look to the fantasy world in which we gamers of rpgs love to frequent.
I would go so far as to compare him amongst the likes of the great Larry Elmore

Mr Tyler Jacobson is worthy of a visit if fantasy digital/traditional art is your thing, or if it's just the digital aspect you love. You will not be disappointed. So click on >HERE< to trundle over to Tyler's site. Enjoy :)


Jeremy [Retro] said...

some great stuff there, i get so jealous looking at the talented people out there and what i would give to have that ability to do what he does!

Mark K said...

Well, I'm sure if he saw your work he'd be thinking the same. Don't under-sell yourself bud, you've got talent enough for both of us, and then some.

So long as we don't get bitter and twisted over the achievements of others then it's ok to be a little envious :)