Saturday, 24 August 2013

Superman vs Batman

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Really? Seriously? Sorry, but Superman is way, way beyond the ability of Bruce Wayne.

If it were a 'who has the most money' contest, or 'who has the best gadgets' contest, then Batman would win hands down. But in a 1-on-1 confrontation, Superman wins every time.

Sorry Batman, I think you're an epic kind of superhero, but nowhere near being the equal of Superman.

How this will translate into a feature film (especially with Ben Affleck playing the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman) that works, I'm really not sure?

If anyone has other thoughts or disagrees, then I'd love to hear why :)



I understand where youre coming from. I am a little biased to Batman. He always has a contingency plan.
The idea is that Batman has been doing this for awhile. He should be the master strategist & detective. While Superman is just starting out and is still green. I was shocked at the casting of Affleck, but after a little time digesting it I think he will do just fine. I trust Zack Snyder I loved 300, Sucker Punch, Watchmen & Man of Steel.

Mark K said...

David, I can't fault your choices of film - all brilliantly visualised and entertaining (although M o S did drag on somewhat, especially in the final fight). As for your reasons for Batman I'm not sure? Surely, whatever Batman prepares for Superman, be it a trap, attempt to stun or poison, Superman's physiology would ward off poisons and possible stuns, whilst his immense strength, ability to fly and burning laser eyes would also help in negating/escaping any other means of capture/trap, save kryptonite - which I'm sure BB will get hold of.

My only question is, why would they be in conflict? Sorry, but I haven't followed the DC comics at all :S

Thanks for posting, btw :)


To answer "why would they be in conflict?" I can only answer by guessing.
Batman fought Superman in 'Hush' when Poison Ivy used kryptonite-laced kisses to control his mind.
They have also fought during Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns - Lex Luthor and Brainiac hold the bottle city of Kandor to ransom and make Superman their personal errand boy, so Batman and some of the JLA work together to take him down.
Both of these fights show Batman using his superior tactical mentality, an array of weapons and penchant for fighting dirty to take Superman. However, he admits that he probably couldn't beat him.
Another time they fight is sparring. Superman has lost his powers from time to time and knows that he could be vulnerable without them so he has got Batman to teach him some of his wide martial arts skills. He has also had hand-to-hand training from Ted Grant - Wildcat. (However Superman does know a Kryptonian martial art too)
Superman knows that if anything should happen and he became a threat, Batman is the one person he can trust to take him down permanently.

Mark K said...

Thank you David, an education in brief indeed. I recall seeing the 'bottled city of Kandor' in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, as owned by Leonard, until now I hadn't a clue as to what it was or came from.

So much lore I've missed out on. Once again, thank you for the update :)

Jeremy [Retro] said...

i have a quick thought, superman could win... if he wanted to, but he is a super hero. batman is more the detective, so them in a fight is not a good idea... it should not be "vs", maybe united?