Friday, 23 August 2013

Today's Song Is...
Adiemus by Karl Jenkins - a fellow Welshman I'm proud to say :) and performed by lead vocalist, Miriam Stockley.

I first stumbled across this wonderful music when at university at Pontypridd. At the university leisure centre were numerous courses, one of which was yoga. I couldn't believe my luck and joined up, only to find I was one of two men in the class.

It was great! After nearly a year of yoga, I signed up to attend a yoga retreat in Cornwall. It was absolutely amazing. The retreat itself was, by all accounts, an extremely spiritual place and was the haunt of several ghosts. In the garden itself was an archeological dig site which had uncovered a small underground shrine and pagan place of worship - apparently not-so-nice rituals had taken place there. The site was subject of a prime time UK archeological program, so all the research had been very in-depth and detailed. To be honest, to stand in there for any length of time made you feel very uneasy and disinclined to stay longer than you wanted to.

In the yoga sessions we focused on inner meditation and breathing exercise incorporating posture and stances. It was the meditation that really hooked me; so-much-so I was extremely fortunate to experience what many would refer to as an 'out of body projection'. So amazing, yet so painfully brief :(

Adiemus was one of our meditation tracks, and the instant I heard it I was in love with the sound. I still have the CD today, over 10 years after buying it. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I still do.


  1. Nice. I feel I've heard this somewhere...