Saturday, 6 December 2014

Compilation Album Review - 'Fade to Black'

During my current recovery I've been listening to a lot of music, and having exhausted my iTunes library I decided to browse through Apple's online store to see if there were any bargains to be had.
To my delight I found this album: Fade to Black - a brilliant compilation of 23 themes taken from the very best of Nordic noir, US crime series, and thrillers such as Breaking Bad, The Killing, The Wire and Peaky Blinders. The link will take you to the UK Amazon site where you can see and listen to the complete track listing.
It features the musical talents of Mogwai, Massive Attack, Placebo, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, to name but a few. In all honesty, there are artists I'd never even heard of, let alone knowingly listened to their music, but in reading the content list I realise that many have been part of my subconscious listening due to the fact I've watched several (or more) of the listed series.
If any reading this are a fan of the music from the film, 'Inception', then you'll feel right at home as several of the tracks follow that pulsing, throbbing bass line dosed with malign intent.
This has been my 'go to' album during my redecorating of the downstairs rooms, and one of my favourite tracks is 'Pause' by Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, so I've included it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.


  1. Cheers, Mark, and a Merry Christmas* to you and your family.

    *Too early?

    1. None too early at all, my dear. I'm so chuffed that your last (this) year has been so successful all round. You exemplify the results of hard graft in the field of writing and should consider yourself, and rightly so, an example to follow.

      If only I could follow my own advice. HA!

  2. Love finding good music.

    Happy Christmas & Recovery.

    1. Jingle Bells to you and your family too, Whisk. All the very best indeed :)