Friday, 12 December 2014

Evolution of a Blog

Evolution, it would appear, is the natural progression of life. If it doesn't evolve it dies out due to mother nature's natural selection process. Only the strong survive. Adaptability on all levels being paramount combined with the use of tools to aid in the quest for resources has ensured the proliferation of many, many species.

The blog is no exception to these rules.

I say this as I have come to notice a change in my blogging habits, as may have some of you. Initially it was anecdotal and advisory regarding the subject of role playing games. Then it crawled out of the water and took its first shuddering breaths on the dry land that is home to the beast known as the 'writer'.

Short fiction, five sentence fiction, longer fiction and poems became the dominant beast, striding fearlessly across a new, lush vista and unexplored land. Dotted along the way, snuggled amongst the dark shadows and crevices of rocks, and the leafy gloom of wild vegetation, smaller thoughts and inklings developed, watching the passage of words as they strode about, unchallenged, fighting between themselves for domination.

Small glittery eyes, sparked with a cunning and intellect waited patiently, knowing something was coming. A change. A new direction and focus. A moment.

A darkness swept over the landscape of words, followed by a void. But safe in their dark sanctuary the smaller thoughts huddled and waited.

Time passed and calmness replaced the void. Light bathed the land with warmth and hope. It was time to step out from the shadows. Time to claim their moment. Smaller thoughts regarded each other with curious fascination. A new path beckoned. Inklings search for the content. Smaller thoughts grew into ideas and cooperated with the inklings, finding material for their evolution. Out of this genesis of smaller thoughts, inklings and ideas the evolution of the blog was born.

What it is, I have no clue? But what I do know is that this creature I breathed life into on 4th May 2011 is a far different creature. More lithe and supple. Reaching beyond the original parameters of its inception, and hopefully extending its longevity far into the future yet to come.

On that thought, has your blog-creature morphed and evolved in a way (or ways) that you had originally unintended? I'd be interested to hear.


  1. Sounds like your on a fun journey with your blog. Cool beans.

    1. "Cool beans", ... now that did make me laugh ;)

    2. Do you enjoy blogging? I really do.

  2. You know - I typed out a long and thoughtful reply (including my 'yes' answer) and then had to login to post it - AND THE FECKING THING DISAPPEARED!

    This is where it drives me mad. Arse!

    Anyone else get that?

  3. Oh god, I hate it when a post dissappears. Happens occasionally to me too. I like blogging. I like blogging. I like blogging and I like to blog.

    I don't really know what it is though. I like having a natter with people. It's a bit like a diary, you share with the world. Sometimes I look at old posts and think, eek! I don't think that anymore.

    I also like seeing how many visitors I get. One day I shall sort it out and make it an effective marketing tool. But not today.

    1. I'm guessing you like blogging?

    2. If you don't like blogging, blog off!

    3. Bloggin' hell! What's got you so bloggy wound up? You've got a bloggin' cheek using language like that 'ere, especially this close to bloggin' Christmas! Geez... some people!

  4. Hee! Sung to the tune of 'I Like Truckin' a al Not the Nine O'Clock News. Sorry

    I'll get my coat