Sunday, 8 January 2017


Welcome to January 2017. I hope this post finds you, the reader, in good spirits and hope filling your soul as we stride forward in to the new year before us.

Connecting with people can be a surprising event, made all the better when the connection is unexpected, unplanned and out of the blue. When serendipity deigns to bring about such an occurrence our reactions can be surprising to say the least, and when you see something reflected back at you in that moment it can be as if a gentle dawn has begun to bathe you in a warmth that makes you smile both inward and outward. Conversation is uncluttered and absorbing wrapped in a feeling of familiarity that does not breed contempt, but the complete reverse.
It can be like two old friends reuniting across immeasurable distances, where time does not factor, for them there is only the now. The laughter is easy and not forced, the energy is positive and palpable, the friendship unspoken. Initially the connection might be unclear and even elusive, but eventually it makes itself apparent.

We see in others, though often with subconscious eyes, something we recognise within ourselves. It could be the spark of a kindred spirit or the call of a lonely soul. Whatever it is the call is answered and heard and acknowledged. Age, gender, race or religion have no say in this. It is what it is. There are no defined answers, no true logic, no formula to be calculated or explanation to be extrapolated.
We may guess, we may analyse and dissect. The only thing to do is accept and trust.

Who knows why these things happen? But it is my personal belief that it happens for a reason. What that reason is I cannot say, though I will say this: the connection may be brief and only passing, or it may grow and last the duration - either way, something is imparted and something is received.
It may be advice, reassurance, guidance or myriad of other reasons. It will be as unique to the individual as it is a surprise.

It's what you do with it that counts.

For me, today was one of those days. And it counts.

Before closing I offer you an inspirational video, and although it has a military theme, I urge you to listen if nothing else. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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