Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Circle

  "I drew a perfect circle!"
  "Yes. I see."
  "I think it's possibly the most perfect circle I've ever drawn. What do you think?"
There was a pause. Silence between the two of them, teacher and pupil both staring at the ground and the circle inscribed there and the figure it contained within.
  "I would have to agree, it is indeed your best work to date. No sign of hesitation. I am impressed, Adept."
The Adept beamed with pride at the Guardian's praise.
  "But," added the Guardian.
The Adept's smile vanished, her three glittering globes blinking rapidly.

  "This is not the creature we seek."
  "I did everything right," blurted the Adept, all protocol forgotten. "There is no mistake!"
If the Guardian had eyes they would have widened in disbelief at the outburst, but instead the featureless head turned in the Adept's direction and tilted as if looking down at her. The Guardian's voice pulsed inside the Adept's mind with a hardened edge, "Release the creature. You have made a mistake."
Tingles of prickling pain shot through the Adept's nervous system as the Guardian's words formed inside her head, punishment for her transgression and disrespect.

From within the circle the dark form of the creature was unfurling, beastial eyes glittering red. A feral snarl curled back its lips revealing a shining wetness upon its teeth, hinting at large tearing instruments of death. The creature made a guttural chuckling sound. It understood the situation.

The Guardian raised a slender six-fingered hand and the creature immediately fell to the ground, silenced.
  "I am not disappointed with the mistaken identity of the creature, but that of your lack of respect and doubting my authority and knowledge," the Guardian's pulsing voice pulled away like waves retreating from the shore. Then, as soft as a feather gently falling across her face, it returned, "For that you shall be punished."

Guardian, Adept and circle vanished.

The released creature bellowed its anger and rage, then turned and plunged into the darkness before it could fall prey to another predator.

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