Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Scam Phone Calls Are Back

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So, we are heading towards the end of January and breaking in the boots of the New Year that is 2017, and I thought, having changed internet providers and requesting a 'new' phone number, that past incidents of scamming phone calls from India would be a thing of the past.

How wrong could I be.

I receive the third 'WITHHELD' phone call this week at 0830 am this morning. I know instantly what's coming as soon as I see the caller display showing the 'withheld' notification.

Sometimes the person on the other end is polite, and to the uninitiated, can be quite convincing. Other times they are just lacking that bit of polish and confidence, and then there are the plain, outright rude and bullish types - always male. This morning's call was from the latter type of scammer.

With a sigh I answered the phone. I didn't even get a 'Good morning', but instead an abrupt, 'We are calling you to tell you that you have a virus on your computer.'

My ears perk up. I do love the rude ones. I roll out of bed. 'Really?'

Scammer: 'Yes, can you turn on your pc.'

This guy is really sweeping me off my feet with his charm. 'But I don't have a pc. It's a Mac.' I put on my dressing gown and start towards my room where the pc is located.

Scammer goes quiet. Sound of pages being turned hurriedly. 'What?'

I get to the desk drawer and start looking for my secret weapon. 'I said, I do not have a pc, I have a Mac. An Apple computer.' Can't find my weapon of choice. Head back to the bedroom and my bedside cabinet.

Scammer: 'Turn on your machine.'

I find my referee's football whistle, as made by the ACME Company, England. 'Ok, bear with me, as I just need to power it up. So how did my machine get a virus?'

Scammer: 'What?'

'How did I get a virus?'

Scammer: 'Downloading files from the internet. I will help you remove them. Turn on your machine.'

'Ah, ok. But when I turn on my machine I want you to listen very carefully as it makes a strange noise when it boots up. Could that be the virus?'

Scammer: 'Yes.'

'Are you listening?'

Scammer: 'Turn on your machine.'

I inhale deeply, move the mouthpiece of the phone right next to the whistle and blow as hard as possible for three seconds and hang up. Bastards.
So the scammers are back and looking to scam the unwary out of their cash, so please, please, please DO NOT believe ANYONE who calls and states that they are from Microsoft, Apple or any other company informing you of a virus on your computer. Deal with it in your own way, be it hanging up, placing the phone next to the radio and walking away for an hour, or like me, blowing a whistle down the line, just don't be fooled.

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